What are you looking to do with your music? Are you in a band that wants to record your tracks? A hip hop artist who has a beat over which you want to lay down some vocals and get the whole thing mixed? Or have you recorded yourself and are looking for a professional mix job? Scotty can record, produce, write, and develop your music with you. Have a look below and see which service best fits your needs, then drop him a line to talk about and book your services.

  • If you are in a band, or are a solo artist, who wants your music recorded and crafted into the most compelling, and fully-realized recording possible, Scotty can offer you his ear, gear, and 17 years of recording and production experience in order to make that happen.  From pre-production (honing of structure, writing, arrangements of new songs), to understanding the idea of your sound and desired finished product, to miking up and recording performance, to the crucial artist/engineer relationship needed to attain the best performance possible from each musician, to building layers and depth through overdubs, to mixing together all the elements into the song you imagined it could be– Scotty will handle it all.

  • With his ability to play multiple instruments and styles, Scotty has made a great deal of his career out of developing the acoustic, or electronic songs of a solo artist into full-band productions. Bring to Scotty the acoustic track that which you’ve always imagined hearing as a rock song, complete with drums, bass, guitar layers and full backing vocals. Together you’ll lay down the scratch to a metronome, build a drum part (programmed with realism, or to be later replaced by real drums), and record bass and multiple guitar tracks, keys and vocals from there.


  • Or bring the bounced tracks of a song you’ve programmed on Reason, Logic, or Abelton, and join Scotty in adding performed, full-band layers, to add a sense or rock or pop to your otherwise sequenced masterpiece,


  • Scotty has 20 years of songwriting experience in pop, rock, punk, hardcore, acoustic, and urban styles. From major label artists, to indie acts and solo performers, to hobbyists and people making a personal song for a loved-one as a Christmas/birthday/anniversary gift. He has worked with several young artists who had come to him with nothing but a voice, a few lyrics, and a desire to be a performer, and helped them write and the record music that they always dreamed of doing. Sometimes an artist may want another perspective in order to round-out or add interest to an album or catalog. Scotty can be the co-writer that you’re looking for.

  • Perhaps you’re a do-it-yourself engineer that doesn’t quite trust your ability to edit and time drum tracks, or properly-tune realistic or effected-sounding vocal tracks. Or are you a producer who would rather stick to the fun stuff and hire out your tedious drum or vocal editing duties.

    Scotty has been tuning vocals since the 1990s. He has full master of Melodyne and Autotune and can tune your vocals every possible style, for every possible need. From natural to T-Pain, from live performances to non-singers wanting to hear themselves on a track– Scotty is happy to edited them all.

    - Check out Silverstein’s live album “Decade”, where Scotty did all of the transparent vocal tuning throughout the album, from a tricky, hand-held miked, lead vocal track.

    Likewise, Scotty has years of experience timing drums, from a natural-sounding groove, all the way to sample-accurate, perfectly-timed final drum beds.

  • Have you already recorded somewhere else? Are you in a band who has recorded yourself? You might feel that you can save money and be more comfortable recording yourselves at home, a project studio, or at your practice facility.  There are merits to this, and with some experience and some clean-sounding gear, people can capture sounds and performance without too much difficulty these days.  However, once recorded, mixing your tracks to sound like a commercial recording should only be performed by a professional. When you a/b your self-mixed tracks with that of a major label artist, you can clearly make out the difference. That’s because mixing is the single most important step in making the elements of your song come together as actual music as people expect it. Also, each piece of pro recording gear adds a little magic to each element, that comes together to sound more slick than the sum of its parts. Make no mistake, it takes YEARS of mixing experience to learn all the tricks and tips that properly put together the music that the world, and your potential listeners, are used to hearing.


    Scotty has been mixing since the pre-digital recording days, and has been active during all of the technological advances in recorded music in the past 20 years. He has mixed tracks recorded from home cassette multi-tracks in the 1990s, from expensive analog machines, from beat-makers using hardware and software sequencers, and every form of digital and computer-based music engine. He has a wealth of creativity, a mixer’s ear, the tools, and the know-how to make your home, or professionally-recorded tracks sound like a million-dollar record.


    As well, for producers who need a professional mixer with which to work, to add an extra set of ears to your project, Scotty would love to co-tackle your project to add some magic to that which you’ve already crafted.


    When it comes to studio life, Scotty Komer is most passionate about mixing, and would love to talk to you about your most recently-tracked project.