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I'm Scotty Komer. I've been mixing and producing for over 25 years, and I want to make your productions and your mixes something special-- mixes that stand out in a modern playlist and tell the world that you're here to make an impact.

I'm in the rock band The Scary Loud, and share with you that need to have releases with a punchy sound that stand out amongst the other bands in a Spotify or Apple Music playlist.

I'm always excited to use all of my experience, skills, and energy in turning each of my clients' tracks into the larger-than-life mix that it deserves. Or even taking the full journey with my client-- working closely with them in pre-productionproduction,  and mixing of their song, EP, or album. I'd love to work on your pop punk, hardcore, rock, metal, pop, or any other genre of music.

Are you looking to make a lasting impact with your next project? Lets talk and make your music modern, brutal, and beautiful.

Recording studio. Pop Punk. Metalcore. Metal. Punk. Hardcore. Pop Music. Music mixing. Music Prodution.
hardcore music
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I've Been Lucky Enough to be Involved With Some Amazing Albums. Let's Add Yours to the Mix.


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